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iconsforsquares's Journal

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Here's the bit where I tell you all the rules and regulations.

I'll prettify it later.

1. If you are using an icon please comment saying you took it.

2. Wordless icons are there to be used as is, or to be modified. You don't need to credit bases, but please say if you're taking one.

3. Credit for icons is appreciated (iconsforsquares), either in your bio, or in keywords. I put quite a bit of effort into the icons and it's nice to be appreciated. No, it's not necessary but, if you don't, please don't claim you made it.

4. Feedback is awesome. Even if you're not taking any, I'd like to know what you think of them. If it's critical, tell me what to fix. "This sucks" won't help me improve.

5. Don't hotlink. It takes 2 minutes, tops, for you to download, and upload into your user pics.

6. The pictures used are not mine, but are owned by the various companies that produced the game/tv show/movie/comedy act/whatever other source I may use. This isn't done for commercial reasons, but because I love the show/game/movie etc, and like to fiddle around in photoshop on occasion.


I use Photoshop 7.0, and will eventually learn ImageReady.

Brushes: quebelly, teh_indy, oh_pants, icons_with_love

Journals to check out for icons:

Mad props to crudelydrawn for the journal name