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7/23/05 11:47 pm - sciencegeek - One Ewan, and a load from Velvet Goldmine

1 Ewan, 2 Star Wars, and 9 Velvet Goldmine (mostly John Rhys Meyers)
Note: One isn't worksafe, just so you know.

the restCollapse )

6/15/05 03:20 pm - sciencegeek

9 Ewan
5 Star Wars
4 Misc (Disney, Eddie, Snow White)

Ewan. And Star Wars. (but mostly Ewan)Collapse )

6/10/05 09:56 pm - sciencegeek - ICONS GET YOUR ICONS

Or don't. All numbers include bases. Because I'm lazy like that. Anyway...I suppose you all know the rules by now.

1 Kingdom Hearts Friends only banner
3 KH icons
4 Mulan
3 (and a crap one) Harry Potter
2 Eddie Izzard
1 Ewan
2 Kill Bill
3 Star Wars

hundredxhundred did THIS tutorial, which ended up being the base of a couple icons.

Kingdom HeartsCollapse )

MulanCollapse )

4/21/05 08:51 pm - sciencegeek

Bleh. I've been pretty lazy, but I've managed to make a few icons. Huzzah, huzzah. Went on a bit of a Utada Hikaru binge. so...yes.
3 Harry Potter (Numbers 11-13)
2 Eddie Izzard (8, 9)
5 Kingdom Hearts (14-18)


insert witty phrase hereCollapse )

2/5/05 02:21 am - sciencegeek - Icons.

Mostly done to pass the time, but they are decent, so I figured I'd post them.


The fruits of my labourCollapse )

11/12/04 12:30 pm - sciencegeek

So. Have been a bit busy doing the icon thing, much in part to Eddie Izzard and the Killers. *sends out love vibes to them*
I hope you all know the rules by now, but I'll re-cap.

Comment if taking
Credit nice, but not necessary
If you modify and post them publicly I would like to be credited with my work. If I find you modifying my icons without credit all hell will break loose. I'm not sure exactly with what will happen, but it won't be pretty.

2 Star wars
4 Eddie Izzard inspired
3 Mulan
1 Nightmare before Christmas
13 Kingdom Hearts (including bases)


Icons, icons icons!Collapse )

11/3/04 05:45 pm - sciencegeek - ...Ignore this

So. Kingdom Hearts took me in and made me its bitch.


Fun times. Icons for all.Collapse )

11/2/04 01:44 pm - sciencegeek

Icons! Felt a bit creative, but not. So these aren't terribly great.

Princess Bride

Rest behind cut, since they aren't terribly interestingCollapse )

10/14/04 10:25 am - sciencegeek - my first animation

Ok, well, I'm going to be adding to this post later, when I finish some more Star Wars icons.
However, I'm proud of this one, namely because it's my first animation.
And yes, I was watching Circle today.
[edit] there, one more, and I fixed the spelling in the penne one.

10/12/04 02:19 pm - sciencegeek

Ergh. Not at my most creative, but managed to make 6 icons. 5 Kingdom Hearts - 2 with words and their respective bases and one base, and one Dan Radcliffe one. For those of you that read this LJ, yes, I know I use similar themes with some of these icons. There is no reason, other that my lack of creativity at the moment.


Do you know how hard it is to come up with witty sayings for in here?Collapse )
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